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02 December 2005 @ 11:03 am
This article on Game Watch caught my eye today. It discusses how there seems to be a big problem with Soulcalibur III and corrupt saves.

Upon some more research, I uncovered a few sources of information on this and what has been discovered.

Apparently, there's a glitch where if you delete anything off your memory card that was there before the SC3 save was created, you "condemn" your SC3 save to corruption. It'll load with no errors the next time you start the game after deleting something, but when you save, the file will become corrupt. The scope of the corruption varies - sometimes affecting just Chronicles of the Sword, but sometimes resulting in a file that cannot be loaded at all (like what happened to Alex).

This bug has been reproduced in all versions of the game - US/C, PAL, J, and Asian. It has been acknowledged on the Japanese site.


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