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21 July 2010 @ 10:40 am
Tea Party ruins lives  
I don't normally comment on anything political here, but I've been watching the Shirley Sherrod situation unfold, and it has me completely livid.

So, as far as I can tell, this is the sequence of events:

1) The NAACP passes a resolution denouncing the Tea Party as "racist".
2) In response, some blogger within the Tea Party cuts up a video of a speech made by Sherrod to make it LOOK like she is racist, when in fact she is talking about the dangers of racism and how she overcame it.
3) The edited video goes viral, and some Washington official panics and forces Sherrod to pull over and submit her resignation in the middle of the street, ruining her life. And the one who edited the video doesn't even fucking care about what happens to her.

So, FOR NO FUCKING GOOD REASON, a woman's life has been ruined. Even with this morning's talk of reconsidering calling for her to resign, there's no going back for her - she's already under a spotlight she did nothing to deserve being under, forever to be labeled something she's not, and nothing is going to change that. And all for what?

I don't know about you, but I think it's really damn scary that one lunatic can edit a video to make anyone in the world sound like something they're not and make them lose their job over it.

Also, via jnik, a better summary and analysis than I could write.
nekocathy on July 24th, 2010 03:54 am (UTC)
Ok, let's take it another step further.

She was speaking to NAACP, which most of the members are black elitists; their recent standoffs appears racist. You say my findings were misconstrued and out of context? Ok, so I guess you don't know what the NAACP does either. They are NOTORIOUS for "over analyzing" speeches, conversations, and documents too, just like I did to that video, and make it into racial oppression issues. Please look up what they have been saying about the Conservative Tea Party being "racist" and them "defending" the interaction between the Cavelier coach and Lebron James. Also... keep in mind that not one person in the crowd Sherrod was speaking to was white.

My question has still been dodged here: why did her speech have to center itself upon race? We've moved pas that and people are STILL bringing it up to discussion. Her body language and her choice of words make it SEEM racist toward whites. As a speaker it was her responsibility to watch the context of her speech context or people WILL judge her. Lesson learned.
Jeffaulddragon on July 24th, 2010 06:04 am (UTC)
Your gross generalizations about the NAACP are FAR more racist than any of her comments. And I know very well what the NAACP does. They do quite a bit of good. They do sometimes make some incredibly boneheaded decisions/statements, and I'll definitely call them on it when they do. As for the Tea Party, large swaths of the membership are clearly racist and particularly anti-black; just look at samples of signage at many of the events. The party leadership has done virtually nothing to stop such statements; I'd call that an implicit endorsement.

"keep in mind that not one person in the crowd Sherrod was speaking to was white" - What does this have to do with anything? She was speaking to the *NAACP*. Would you complain about a lack of lawyers at an NEA event? Whites aren't the target audience. I'd be more surprised at whites being there than not being there, simply because speakers at NAACP events aren't directing their comments to them.

"why did her speech have to center itself upon race?" - You do realize that the speech was about moving beyond RACIAL BIAS, right? That sort of discussion centers on race BY DEFINITION. Sure, she could have chosen her words more carefully, but that doesn't change the intent of her message.