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23 June 2010 @ 11:18 am
I'm mostly posting this for myself since I'm at work and need a reminder to read through it all myself at home.

A month or so back, there was a posting on MetaFilter from a user who had two friends from Russia come to the US on some sort of work visa. The entire situation made him believe the two girls had been pulled into a human trafficking attempt and asked MetaFilter for help in making sure the girls were safe.

The original post: Ask MetaFilter: Help me help my friend in DC.
A commentary thread that ran parallel: MetaTalk: The kindness of strangers

In the end, the girls ended up safe in NYC, after which all directly involved parties laid low. An intermediate thread was created by someone not directly involved, which was quickly closed: MetaTalk: Please, let's just donate to the Give That Girl a Massage Fund

A couple of weeks ago, a final update was posted, noting the girls have been returned to Russia: MetaTalk: Update on K & S
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